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Katharine Sucher

Katharine is the Publicity Marketing Associate at Island Press.

Jason Mark / November 15, 2015

This post originally appeared onand is re-posted with permission.

President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline marks one of the biggest victories for the U.S. environmental movement in years. Speaking this morning from the White House, Obama–flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry–made one of his most forceful statements to date about the importance of moving the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels.

“Shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America’s energy security,” the president said. “America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.”

Then, in a clear echo of the environmental movement’s overarching message, the president said, “Today, we're continuing to lead by example, because ultimately, if we're going to prevent large parts of this earth from becoming not only inhospitable but uninhabitable in our lifetime, we're going to have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground rather than burn them and release more dangerous pollution into the sky.”

Make no mistake: You never would have heard Obama say “keep some fossil fuels in the ground” had the environmental movement not made Keystone XL one of the defining issues of his presidency.

Coming after years of protests, marches, civil disobedience actions, and nonstop political pressure from both the grassroots and the Democratic party’s major donors, the defeat of the pipeline is a clear win for the environment. The president’s decision removes a potential threat to the Great Plains’ groundwater. It stems the sludgy tide of Canadian tar sands, an especially dirty source of crude oil that would, if fully extracted, accelerate global climate change.

Just as important, the pipeline’s defeat represents a major victory for the ideal of citizen action. “People power” is an overused and almost hackneyed phrase. But in this case, nothing else explains how such a political victory happened.

Just four years ago, many Washington insiders presumed that Keystone XL was a done deal. But Native American tribes, ranchers in the Great Plains, and environmental organizations ignored the conventional wisdom and decided to make Keystone XL a symbol for the choices we face in the era of climate change: Will we continue with the anachronistic fossil fuel economy, or make a pivot toward a society powered by clean energy? As author-activist Bill McKibben got in the habit of saying, Keystone was a “line in the sand.” The cynical “wise men” in Washington said the campaign against Keystone XL was quixotic, if not misguided. (Just see,, and.) In the end, they were proven wonderfully wrong. The president’s decision proves that–even in a money-soaked and lobbyist-chocked political system–ordinary citizens can frustrate the best-laid plans of the powers-that-be.

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fossil fuels
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Jason Mark

Jason Mark is editor-in-chief of magazineand author of .

Katharine Sucher / December 17, 2015

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On average, firing rates in 80 ms windows were higher preceding notes than after notes (f pre = 37.5 Hz, f post = 30.7 Hz). However, these differences could not explain the higher similarity of NIf HVC firing prior to quasi-identical notes: After randomly removing spikes in pre-note windows to equalize average firing rates in pre- and post-note windows, the similarity among NIf HVC spike trains preceding quasi-identical notes was still exceedingly high (median r pre = 0.66 > median r post = 0.07, p < 10 −6 ; median r random = –0.15, p < 2 × 10 −14 , Wilcoxon rank-sum test).

We hypothesized that there is a simple predictive relationship between NIf’s motor code and the neural representation of auditory feedback in field L. To directly compare NIf’s motor code with field L’s feedback responses, we recorded multi-unit activity during singing simultaneously in NIf and in the surrounding lateral field L using a 16-pad linear electrode array (silicon probe, see Materials and Methods ). Electrodes were implanted such that the tip of the electrode array was located in field L2a, the middle in NIf, and the top recording pads picked up signals from field L1 ( Fig 7 ). Multi-unit firing during singing increased markedly in L2a and in NIf but only weakly in L1 ( Fig 7A and 7B ). Playback of a loud white-noise stimulus during singing (song perturbation) caused the bird to truncate its song; but unlike in NIf, neurons in field L1 and L2a responded strongly to such white-noise stimuli, thus demonstrating that in field L we recorded feedback-sensitive neurons [ 5 ].

Fig 7. Song-related multiunit activity in NIf leads field L activity.

A. Distortion of auditory feedback by playback of white noise during song (red horizontal bar) leads to interruption of both song and NIf activity (pads 9–11) but evokes increased responses in fields L1 (pads 13–16) and L2a (pads 1–7). Activity on pads 6 and 8 is not plotted because of excessively high electrode impedance. B. NIf, field L1, and L2a activity during unperturbed singing (same animal and electrode array position). The part of the song in which noise is played in A is marked “no white noise.” C. Cross-covariance function of simultaneously recorded neuronal activity of three example pairs of recordings in field L2a and NIf, averaged over song renditions (full black line; the dashed line shows 3 standard deviations). The CC function exceeds a shuffle predictor (grey line) of covariance between NIf activity during one song and field L2a activity during the following song (averaged over songs). D. Histological verification of recording location. The electrode track is marked with a fluorescent dye (Dil). Red arrows indicate locations of electrolytic lesions that were made on electrode pads 1 and 16. Most pads were in the field L—NIf complex with the first pad potentially located in the caudal auditory striatum (CSt) below field L2a. E. A zebra finch carrying a 16-channel silicon probe mounted on a manual microdrive and connected to a headstage. The inset shows the microdrive and the digital headstage without shielding. All data can be downloaded as part of the supporting information files ( S1 Data ).

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Develop a work plan.

Create a Plan B. Leaders should also help their employee set realistic expectations about what he or she can accomplish. For example, your employee might insist she can be just as productive during her treatment and think of this time away as a variation on “working from home.” That would be great, and maybe indeed be the case. But you should also clearly set up a Plan B just in case those good intentions don’t work out.

Create a Plan B.

For instance, I expected to be out of the office six to eight weeks, but I didn’t heal as quickly as expected. My recovery actually took about12 weeks. As a result, I had to take a step back and readjust my workload on a weekly — but sometimes daily — basis because of how I felt. In some instances, I had to cancel a call or wait to write a memo until I felt better the next day.

Your employee’s Plan B should identify which commitments are essentially mandatory – they will plow through and complete them even if they are feeling awful – and which ones are OK to delay, defer or cancel. It’s generally not the end of the world if they can’t make a weekly team conference call, and their colleagues will understand. But if that same conference call is with a key client, and they’re responsible for answering questions about an important new project expansion, their colleagues need to know they can count on them and that unless they are truly in the midst of an emergency, they will make the effort to participate.

Make the tough decisions. An employee’s recovery timetable can be unpredictable. Sometimes your best laid Plan B – it’s fine if the project is done in two months, rather than one — has to morph into an unwanted Plan C (we need to bring in an outside consultant to complete the project, instead). Managers may have to make the tough decisions. For instance, one company decided to wait eight weeks to begin coaching engagements with me; but another organization I worked with decided they couldn’t wait for my recovery and moved on to another executive coach. It was a painful moment for me, but it was the right decision for the business and I accepted it.

Make the tough decisions.

The key to making the tough decisions is remembering that you have a business to run. While it may not seem fair, it’s a disservice to the business and the team involved when no decision is made, because in some cases waiting too long can create bigger issues to solve.

It isn’t easy when a team member receives a cancer diagnosis, and it is often hard to know how to navigate workplace responses. However, by taking the above points into account, companies will be well on their way to providing meaningful support for those who have been diagnosed – so they can return more quickly as valued colleagues.

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is an executive coach and speaker who works with senior leaders in technology, marketing, and pharmaceutical companies. She is an executive coach for the Harvard Business School Executive Program and has guest lectured at MIT. You can reach her at .

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Thank you for this article. Last year, I had two people on my team of 12 impacted by cancer - one was dealing with treatments herself, the other was caring for her husband with Stage 4 cancer. It very much stretched me as a manager. Any additional thoughts you can provide about managing primary caregivers of those undergoing treatment?

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